Amazon Happy HoliDeals is Here!

Yes, it’s basically where the Countdown to Black Friday (what they were calling it last year) begins. Until the middle of November, this is where you’ll find many of their hottest deals appear well before Thanksgiving. Of course, if it’s like last year’s sale, the variety of items marked down will be enormous, with deals on everything from the most sought after videogames to coffee mugs with funny sayings on them.

Their HoliDeals page has categories to choose from including the Homepage with all deals listed if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, and frankly have plenty of time to browse, and even Upcoming Deals to tell you what will be available soon. That second page is where you get a peak at some of the best deals on the way BEFORE it’s available for purchase, giving you time to get ready to buy when the moment arrives. Some of these are exclusively for Prime Members, so sign up for a free trial of Prime at the site if you’re not already signed up.

Some of the hottest deals of the year are almost certain to appear in the Amazon Lightning Deals part of their site, where items of all sorts pop-up at hard to believe prices, get an enormous amount of interest, then sell out in a short time. It’s definitely worth a look but as with all things shopping related this time of year, be prepared to say “yes” to a deal quickly.