Black Friday 2019 is Coming!

Black Friday 2019 is on Friday, November 29!

It’s entertaining to look back sometimes. After almost two decades of covering all things shopping, we still find ourselves surprised when we delve into the details of Black Fridays of yesteryear. For quite a few years, we’ve posted PC friendly versions of the physical Black Friday Advertisements found in local newspapers. We’ve since made the transition to posting and discussing only web-based holiday shopping season festivities. If you’re already happily accustomed to doing most or all of your gift shopping online, we think this will make things more convenient for you. While Jerrito at 25 would have happily camped out all night to be one of the few to get one of those unbelievable deals from the flyer in the Sunday paper, age, wisdom, and the feeling that at 2 AM there is only one place I want to be (bed, the answer is bed!) have conspired so that I no longer see pulling an all-nighter in front of Best Buy as a necessity. A few years ago we started noticing some of those same advertised “Doorbusters” appearing online as early as the 1st of November. If you love experiencing the shopping madness with your family, by all means do the “long line in the middle of the night marathon thing”. Just know that you don’t need to do that to get the best price anymore.Our advice is to shop online. Yes, we know that sounds simplistic. But after many years of doing this, we just think Black Friday is better, cheaper, and much more convenient than shopping in stores. I imagine that the majority of the retail shopping this year will be done via smartphones, tablets and PCs. Folks shopping online will spend even more this year, widening the growing gap between in-store and online sales even further. For us it’s just a matter of accepting the reality of a changing retail landscape.

Our Shopping Tips:

Be at least a little flexible. That’s the key to finding the best deals any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Let’s say your 12 year old want an Xbox One Console and the new Madden game for Christmas. While you’re likely to see a discount on that package, you’re probably going to see bundle deals featuring the console with the game in the form of relatively small dollar discounts. However, you’re likely going to see many more gaming deals featuring usually pricey controllers, games and accessories thrown in at no extra charge. Those will offer considerably bigger discounts and include items you’re eventually going to purchase anyway. For the past few years, we’ve seen more than a few Black Friday deals offered for at least ten days during the holiday season. The world’s two largest retailers price match one another regularly. You’re probably going to get more than one opportunity (sometimes many more) to score that great deal that will make your shopping this year a success.

How to Get that Deal!
If you take a 5 minute look right here once in awhile from November 1st and through the holiday season you’ll get some great deals. For individual deals posted throughout every day of the holiday season head to our sister site

When the Deals will Appear!

The short answer is that they’ll trickle out starting around the 1st of November. Yes, it starts that early. We’ve seen at least a few ACTUAL Black Friday prices from ads at the beginning of the month, and many have shown up online well before Black Friday.

Bold Prediction!
We’re going to see a 4K TV for less than $100 at some point. I just feel it in my bones. Of course, we’ve been thinking this for about 5 years now, but we’ll be right one of these years…

HAPPY SHOPPING! More to come on how to shop this year, including some of the best deals you’ve ever seen. Stay tuned!