The Retail Elephant in the Room

Years ago, I was interviewed on Long Island News Radio for a piece about Black Friday. It was a good interview, I thought. The host asked quite a few great questions regarding where we get our deals, how we make a living posting deals, and how shoppers could find the best deals out there.

At one point, he kind of dropped a bomb on me. “Why do you have so many Amazon deals on your site?” I hadn’t even looked at what we had been posting that particular day. Typically, I’ll look for deals and when I find one that’s good enough for our shoppers, I just post it.

As it happens, that was a day late in November when things really started to go a bit bonkers on the web. Deals were everywhere, but the Goliath of retail shopping had been absolutely explosive. They were not only dropping dozens of prices on the really good stuff, but price matching the second biggest retailer on Earth almost as quickly as that other site put up a hot deal. And so, without even noticing it, I had given our customers a rather large percentage of Amazon deals.

So how did I answer him? “We go where the deals are.” In other words, because we’re affiliated with hundreds of online stores, our choices are rather vast, but that doesn’t stop us from posting the best price, regardless of where we find it. On that day that meant a lot of great deals from the biggest seller of them all. But on another day, and frankly most days of the year, it usually means deals from a a wide variety of sellers, some of whom you may not know. We know them though, and we wouldn’t post them unless they were well regarded in the industry and well-reviewed by shoppers.

Stay with us as we post the best Black Friday Deals from sellers small and enormous right here.